What Isabelle Daza Did to Lose 68 lbs After Her Baby

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In her latest “In Real Life” YouTube channel series, Isabelle Daza opened up about her struggle with pregnancy gain. The new mom was candid about the immediate pressure she felt to lose the postpartum weight and the hard work she had to go through to get rid of it. She took the audience with her on her journey to a healthier physical and mental state as she gave her own tips on how other mothers and moms-to-be can achieve it too.


Read on to know how you can build your own sustainable healthy and active lifestyle like Isabelle Daza.


5. Do cardio workouts

Isabelle Daza starts her day with at least 30 minutes of cardio, usually by doing sprints on the treadmill. She does this even before she has eaten breakfast since working out in a fasted state means your body will target to burn the stored body fat first.

She also tried out other sports and activities that kept her heart rate up like swimming, running, and cycling. If you don’t like being confined in the gym, explore other types of cardio that you’ll enjoy to avoid feeling forced. Working out with friends and family also kept her motivated so make sure to tag some buddies with you!


4. Incorporate strength training

Her workouts weren’t all cardio though. She incorporated strength training to maximize the burning of calories and fat, as well as to tone various parts of her body. Her exercises for weight lifting included dumbbells and barbell, while she used her own bodyweight in doing exercises like pull ups for calisthenics.


3. Eat healthy

She focused on eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet rather than restricting herself, especially since she was breastfeeding her son Balti. In a meal, she would have kamote, pumpkin, brown rice or quinoa for carbs; white fish, snapper, lapu lapu, tilapia, salmon or tuna for protein; and avocado, almonds, cashew nuts or coconut oil for fats. She also had steamed veggies on the side.

Her tips when it comes to eating? Take photos of your food to show you’re on track. Her trainer Arnold Aninion also emphasized that portion control is important to avoid going beyond your needed daily calorie intake. More importantly, have a more positive attitude towards food: it is there to nourish and not to punish you.


2. Treat yourself during travels but stay active

Depriving yourself from the good bad stuff could lead to binge-eating, so treat yourself. Isabelle says it’s okay to cheat in moderation as she herself eats 1 dark chocolate every night as part of her diet. During her travels, she’d choose healthier options when she could or had light meals when she knows she’ll be having a bigger one later in the day. “Just don’t overindulge.”

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She also makes sure to stay active even when on her trips. She would go hiking, trekking, and attend circuit training and ski classes.


1. Get enough sleep and rest

Isabelle emphasizes the importance of sleep and rest in staying fit. She gets 8 hours of snooze, and takes a break from working out when she knows she’s tired. The body needs to recover from all the strenuous activities so she advises that we learn to listen to our body.

Apart from physical fitness, the actress also prioritizes her mental fitness during her rest days. She uses the Headspace app to decompress, relax, and stay calm. By meditating, she was able to cope with anxiety and let go of her bad habits, which ultimately made her mental state healthier.


Know more about her experience here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1TSaR7quFw


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