These Healthy Snacks are Under 100 Calories

By  - 5 years ago

One reason why diets don’t always work is because people deprive themselves, which can eventually lead to binge-eating when they start to crave. Instead of restricting yourself from a long list of food items, why not just opt for the healthier and cleaner alternatives?


Here are five snacks under 100 calories that taste as good as your favorite treats.


5. Peanut Butter Banana Cups

You don’t have to completely miss out on your favorite chocolates during a diet. Make your own Reese’s with healthier and cleaner ingredients like this alternative.

Get the recipe here.


4. Strawberry Yoghurt Popsicles

Skip the commercial ice cream which have quadruple the calories. These Strawberry Yoghurt Popsicles taste just as good!

Keep cool with these Strawberry-Yogurt Popsicles - they only have 2 ingredients and they're healthy!

Get the recipe here.


3. Breakfast Brownies

Brownies for a healthy snack, let alone for breakfast? This no-bake recipe proves otherwise with just four ingredients.

Get the recipe here.


2. Banana Chocolate Energy Balls

Whether as dessert or as an energy-boosting snack, these no-bake Banana Chocolate Energy Balls are perfect to satisfy any sweet cravings or grumble of the tummy.

Get the recipe here.


1. Strawberry Oatmeal Bars

Have a breakfast bar on the go with these Strawberry Oatmeal Bars. These are guilt-free and delicious so you won’t have a problem munching a bar (or two).

Get the recipe here.


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