Top 6 Beauty Trends for 2019, According to Pinterest

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Admit it, you have at least 5 Pinterest boards filled with the latest diet recipes, makeup looks, future wedding themes, and fashion styling tips. People come together all over the net to share and save anything and everything that keeps them inspired, so what better place to seek next season’s trends?

Pinterest just released their Top 100 pins for 2019, and it’s full of fresh inspo for the new year! Treat this as a mini guide for when you need to spice up your beauty routine.

Check out the top 6 beauty trends for 2019, according to Pinterest!

Gray locks

Image by marycake

“Granny hair” was all the rage back in 2014 and it’s making its way back in our style calendar. Whether it be a dark, gunmetal moment or an almost-white ‘do, if you’re thinking of making the jump, you better do it now!

Minimalist packing for skincare

Image by Glossier

The Glossier, cool-girl aesthetic is an Instagram baddie staple. Other skincare brands have taken cues and now there’s no shortage of minimalist packaging anywhere, because hey, what’s a #shelfie without a few too-cool-for-you products?

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Pops of gloss

2018 was the year for dewy, moisturized skin as popularized by every single k-pop idol to grace our screens. There’s just something about the dew that screams health and wellness, so this year makeup artists are bringing back the glossy look… on your lids.

You heard that right — it’s time to pat on the lip gloss on your eyelids!

Almond nails

Image by Indigo Lune

Trade in your natural oval nail shape for something nut so ordinary. Though this style isn’t anything new in the nail art community, we’re glad to see this being donned on more and more people’s tips!

Chocolate Lilac Hair

Image by Kim Wasabi

If granny hair is a little too extreme for you, there’s always this softer chocolate lilac transformation. This look says “I’m sophisticated, but daring” and is definitely more low maintenance than its predecessor.

Micro Bangs

Image by Ralph Mendo

Kim Jones was ahead of the game when she chopped up her lob into this gorgeous blonde micro bang. This year, take cues from this trendsetter and rock this fashion-forward look.

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