5 Beauty Brands to Check Out if You’re Obsessed with Glossier

By  - 6 years ago

Glosser is known for two things: their simple, no-frill products, and how good they look on your vanity. This brand exudes an effortless, cool girl aesthetic which makes makeup aficionados and influencers alike flock for their products and clamor for restocks.

We’ll even admit: the packaging does look pretty bomb in any Instagram flatlay.

But with such success comes high demand. People keep wanting more and more Instagram-worthy products that work as good as they look.

Here are 5 beauty brands to check out if you’re obsessed with Glossier!

5. Ohii

Image from Ohii Beauty

Urban Outfitters is no stranger to the laid back aesthetic. Heck, if you were a self proclaimed hipster in the 2010s, their website was your bible.

They just launched their own easy-does-it beauty brand called Ohii Beauty, which consists of 13 new products that are meant to fill the gaps of your existing routine. Didn’t think you needed an eye-catching deodorant? Well, you do now!

They also kept their Instagram-fueled demographic in mind by have simple, fun, and chic packaging.

4. Drunk Elephant

Image from Drunk Elephant

This brand does the most by doing the least. Anyone skincare-obsessed knows that Drunk Elephant is a brand that delivers, time and time again (though, at that price point, we could argue that they should).

They’re dedicated to curating products with ingredients that work for most if not all skin types. That means you won’t find a single fragrance, essential oil, alcohol, or anything of the like in the mix.

If you can save up enough, definitely try their products out!

3. Milk Makeup

Image from Milk Makeup

Easy, but out of this world is how we’d describe anything and everything Milk Makeup comes out with.

This New York-based brand creates products that cater to that fast-paced lifestyle. Meaning, their products are as no-frill as they can get. From one-swipe eye pigments, roll-on foundation, and TSA-friendly stick skincare — they’ve made their products as easy to use as it can get.

2. Anese

Images from Anese Co

When you think skincare, the last thing on your mind is probably your booty. Anese, on the other hand, believes that every end of your body deserves some TLC.

Though they’ve got serums and elixirs for your face and hair, the real star of the show are their booty scrubs and masks that’ll make your bum photo-ready. Say adios to acne and texture everywhere!

1. Sunnies Face

Images from Sunnies Face

It’s no shocker that this brand made it on this list when the girl boss, Martine, herself has said it time and time again how much she loves Glossier.

This local brand sold out their first collection in 10 minutes, but that comes to no surprise when there was so much clamor for the Fluffmattes online. Good job, marketing team!

Though they’ve only released one collection of lipsticks, we’re excited to see what else is in store for the Sunnies empire.


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