Glossier Just Dropped A Sparkly New Makeup Brand

By  - 5 years ago

For weeks, the beauty company has been hyping their upcoming new brand and it has finally come! Glossier finally dropped their new makeup brand Glossier Play, which is their take on playful and colorful makeup.

Glossier is popular for their “no-makeup makeup” products and now with Glossier Play, the brand is making an attempt to tout “night-out” makeup that’s more glam and glittery—far from what Glossier is known for.

Here are their products so far:

Colorslide Technogel eye pencil — $15

The Colorslide eye pencil comes in a spectrum of 14 uniquely named shades, and there’s a promise of it being highly pigmented and smudge-proof. What more can you ask for in a pencil?

Get yourself a Stable Relationship if you like green or take a Disaster Class if you want to achieve a deep maroon.

Glossier also came out with Blade — a $4 pencil sharpener that’s made to work well with the Colorslides. Say hello to sharpness and goodbye to messes!

Vinylic Lip high shine lacquer — $16

Is the Vinylic Lip a click pen or is it a lipstick? Glossier said why not both? That smackable, glossy lips that you want is achievable in 6 essential shades: Pony, Baby, Blow-Up, Bank, Disco, and Casino.

Don’t worry about stickiness (because there’s none) and if you want more lacquer for a fuller finish, click away, darling.

Glitter Gelée multigrade paillettes — $14

What will make your glam makeup stand out even more? That’s right, glitter. The Glitter Gelée‘s are multi-dimensional paillettes are bound to give you a top-notch bejewelled look, like it’s the height of the disco era.

Your Saturday night fever is sky high all throughout, because it stays put and probably lasts longer than your alcohol. So dab these on your eyes (or cheeks!) for that extra boost.

Want more precision? Cop The Detailer — an angled, silicone brush made to pair with this product.

Niteshine highlighter concentrate — $20

Sheen? Depth? That’s what we want in a highlighter! These babies are perfect for your cheekbones, eyelids, cupid’s bows, shoulder blades—wherever you deem necessary to GLOW.

Plus, they come in 4 flexible colors, so you’ll be able to cop one no matter how light or deep your skin tone may be!

The Playground Set — $60

Sold on all these? Great, because we are too!

Glossier is also releasing a customizable glam bag with one of each product, in the color of our choosing! You get to save $15 on your total order, and you get a full look. Win-win, right?

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