Team Kramer’s Most-Loved Films

By  - 7 years ago

Ever wondered what the Kramers’ favorite movies are? This fun-loving family dishes out their most-loved films below:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
“All our kids favorite! Kendra read all the books too!”

“Who doesn’t like stories of Giants? Definitely a family flick!”

Ice Age: Collision Course
“Been watching it since the first one!”

Kung Fu Panda 3
“Gavin imitates the fighting scenes, usually practices on his sisters.”

“Cars and Robots! Gavin’s favorite!”

World War Z
“Papa’s favorite and the kids too! Seriously have watched this more than 10 times!”

Captain America: Civil War
“As for my family and I, we’re with Iron Man!”

“Maui and Moana! Gavin and the girls favorite songs are in this movie! ‘You’re welcome!’”

The Avengers
“First super heroes movie team up! Our favorite scene is when Hulk goes berserk in the final part!”

“Action, muscle and fantasy! Chesca finds him so handsome pa.”

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