These Wealthy Pinoys are the IRL Crazy Rich Asians

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You’ve probably heard the buzz surrounding the book or the film but if you haven’t heard of Crazy Rich Asians, you’re most likely out of the loop. A modern-day love story, Crazy Rich Asians’ characters hail from wealthy Chinese-Singaporean families living lavish lifestyles.


Crazy Rich Asians may be a work of fiction but this is a case of art imitating life. Kevin Kwan, the book’s author, claimed that his tale was based on IRL people and events. And although the book focuses on Chinese-Singaporean moguls, we couldn’t help but wonder: what if Crazy Rich Asians was set in the Philippines?


Scroll down and peep the Pinoy VIPs who could probably inspire a Filipino edition of Crazy Rich Asians.


Kris Aquino

Coming from a family of politicians and socialites, the Queen of all Media has a net worth of P120M. We don’t have to mention the number of endorsements she has because that would probably take up this entire article. She gifts her yayas Cartier jewelry and she gives away luxurious bags like candy because she’s all about #lovelovelove. She’s so rich that she had an actual cameo in Crazy Rich Asians.


Dominique Barretto-Cojuangco

Dominique is the only daughter of actress Gretchen Barretto and business tycoon Tonyboy Cojuangco. The 23-year-old earned a fashion degree in London and now has her own fashion label. Years ago she was chosen to represent the Philippines in Le Bal des Débutantes held at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, which is a prestigious event where young girls from aristocratic and rich families are introduced to society.


Monique Lhuillier

Monique is a world-renowned bridal gown designer based in the U.S. who has an A-list clientele with no shortage of Hollywood celebs under her belt including Drew Barrymore, Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner, Nina Dobrev, and many others. She’s also the daughter of Michel Lhuillier, the founder and chairman of M. Lhuillier Group of Companies, one of the largest financial and real estate businesses in the Philippines.


Heart Evangelista

Love Marie Ongpauco is the youngest daughter of Rey Ongpauco of Barrio Fiesta chain of restaurants. Her grandparents even owned Everlasting Films. She’s known for collecting the most expensive items in fashion. Her walk-in closet houses designer everything and is almost the size of an apartment. Oh, and did we mention? Heart casually paints on her Hermes Birkins and had enough of them to mount an entire exhibit of her works. Just because she can.


Vicki Belo

The celebrity doctor had the entire country buzzing with her P80M Parisian wedding that amassed star-studded guests. By 2015, her companies have an estimated revenue of P1.55B and combined net income of P55.61M. It’s no wonder she can afford to have her wedding reception at the Opera de Paris. NBD.


Jolo Estrada

Jolo is a member of the Ejercito-Estrada clan (the grandson of former President Estrada) who was criticized for grossly flaunting his family’s wealth on social media a few years ago. He has posted about staying at Manila Hotel’s Presidential Suite (which is worth P100K a night btw), showing off his Diplomatic Passport, riding private jets, and many others. 


Princess Violago

Princess Violago came from an old riche family whose business is in the building and development field. Rightfully named Princess, she lives in opulence and doesn’t shy away when it comes to showing her glamorous lifestyle including driving her hot pink Porsche with a vanity plate and posting about her frequent travels abroad.


Samantha Richelle & KC Del Rosario

If Beverly Hills has the Hilton sisters, we have KC and Sam. They’re not hotel heiresses but these sisters are members of Brunei’s Bolkiah royal family (daughters of Prince Jefri to be exact) so you can say they are actual Asian princesses. They mostly keep it low-key, but one check on their Instagram pages and you can tell immediately that they are living a comfortable life.


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