Fantastic Fries From Around The World

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If there’s one food that binds different people around the world together, it’s potatoes. Though we’re far from attaining world peace, we at least have multiple ways of prepping this versatile grub. And we’re not just talking about French; every country has their own special and unique style of cooking and preparing fries.


We’ve rounded up different countries that have their own special way of enjoying our favorite starch!



Source: Seth Kugel, New York Times

Country: Belgium

How it’s prepared: Served thick-cut and double-fried, drizzled with mayonnaise.



Source: Seasons and Suppers

Country: Canada

How it’s prepared: Served swimming in gravy and cheese curds


Slap Chips

Source: Tasty Kitchen

Country: South Africa

How it’s prepared: Soaked in vinegar and fried twice before being sprinkled with salt and doused with more vinegar


Honey Butter Chips

Source: Jagabee

Country: South Korea

How it’s prepared: Fries are drizzled not in sauce or gravy but in honey and butter.


Pomme Frites

Source: How to Cook Meat

Country: France

How it’s prepared: Cut thinly and served as sides for steaks or mussels



Source: Cook N Soul

Country: Germany

How it’s prepared: Pan-fried potatoes are seared with onions and bacons


Masala Chips

Source: Coconutcraze

Country: Kenya

How it’s prepared: Fries are swathed in sweet and spicy masala sauce, typically served straight from the pan


Patatje Oorlog

Source: Tara’s Multicultural Table

Country: Netherlands

How it’s prepared: Literally meaning “chips at war”, it’s a combination of fries, mayo, onions, and peanut sauce


Finger Chips

Source: Prestige Smart Chef

Country: India

How it’s prepared: Coated in wheat flour before frying then dust over with chaat masala, salt, and chilli powder. It’s usually served with ketchup or chutney.



Source: Casa Veneracion

Country: Peru

How it’s prepared: Fries with bts of sausage, ketchup, mayo, and aji, which is a spicy sauce.


Patatas Bravas

Source: Fox and Briar

Country: Spain

How it’s prepared: Cut into cubes, the potatoes are covered in mayonnaise and spicy tomato sauce


Furaido Potato

Source: PureWow

Country: Japan

How it’s prepared: Fries sprinkled and topped furikake, a condiment made of seaweed, sesame seeds, bonito, and other seasonings.


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