Pinoy Food That Probably Baffle Foreigners

By  - 6 years ago

Pinoys love to eat and we undeniably have the kind of food that are one-of-a-kind. Our local cuisine is something to be proud of but our unique taste that goes with our culture will probably have foreigners asking, “Why?”

Here are food that are uniquely Pinoy and probably have foreigners confused.


Sweet spaghetti

Photo from Public Domain Pictures
To Italians and Westerners, pasta isn’t supposed to taste sweet. It’s supposed to taste like tomatoes sprinkled with the finest herbs. But Pinoys love and enjoy sweet things and that includes our spaghetti. Meatballs in pasta? Nope, we got our bright red hotdogs for that. Tomato sauce? We sometimes use banana ketchup instead and we like it just the way it is. 


Bright red hotdogs

Photo from Wikimedia
To Americans, hotdogs are a staple. It’s an American product, after all. But what they’re probably not accustomed to is eating bright red hotdogs. The run-of-the-mill hotdogs the west is used to are sausage-looking things but to us Pinoys, the juicy red hotdog is something we’ve loved since childhood. Whether it’s for breakfast or for merienda, we love us some of those red, juicy things.


Banana ketchup

Photo from Wikimedia
We’d like to reiterate that Pinoys like it sweet. That’s why even our ketchup is sweet. That tamis-anghang taste hits us in the right spot and you can’t take our banana ketchup away from us. Whether it’s for fries, fried chicken, or as a spaghetti sauce, banana ketchup is part of our DNA now.


Liquid seasoning on everything

Photo from Flickr
This is basically MSG in a bottle but we just love pouring it on our rice and ulam in every meal. It adds that extra savory and zesty flavor. Is it nutritious? Maybe not, but it makes our food taste 100 times better.


We eat balut like it’s NBD

Photo from FlickrThe only time balut is eaten by foreigners is for a dare or a challenge like it’s some sort of exotic alien egg from another world. But a lot of us eat it like a snack, complete with salt or vinegar. Our titos have it for pulutan, even. It’s not as bad as other people think it is and after all, it’s the one delicacy that’s uniquely Pinoy.




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