Restaurants to Crash at After Your New Year Parties

By  - 6 years ago

After a long night of champagne popping and heavy drinking, nothing beats a good late night grub run. Food just tastes 10x better, plus, eating greasy food helps prevent any post-party hangovers!


Below are restaurants where you can grab a bite after your New Year festivities.


5. Tim Ho Wan

Open till 3 am, Tim Ho Wan will satisfy your Chinese cuisine cravings at night. Maybe, their famous Pork Buns and dumplings will be the solution to your hangover woes.


4. Recovery Food

Enjoy breakfast food anytime of the day with Recovery Food’s 24-hour service. The restaurant deserves its name because you can always rely on their Tapa de Morning or Happy Beef to sober you up.


3. Wicked Dogs

Those in search for a greasy fix, Wicked Dogs caters to customers until 2 am. They have specialty hotdog sandwiches and a variety of fried snacks that make the perfect pair for an after-party meal.


2. El Chupacabra

El Chupacabra’s doors are open until 4 am. If tacos are comfort food for you, then you have enough time to get your hands on these light snacks just before you head home.


1. Señor Pollo

Looking for chicken? Señor Pollo is available till 2 am! Don’t forget to order their Hangover Fries on the side as precautionary measure for any headaches the next day.


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