You Can Save 500 Pesos or More at These Bars!

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In case you haven’t heard it yet, foodies are currently obsessed with Zomato Gold. Not going to lie, we’re on it too! Since we’ve been using and abusing Zomato Gold for quite some time now (we love food and cocktails!), we’ve managed to make a list of our favorites. Here are our go-to for drinks.


5. Alegria Cozinha Moderna & Sangria Bar

Your tita dreams came true when Alegria came in the scene. The sangria bar makes their speciality drink in a variety of flavors, so the 2+2 deal can get you to try the two best-sellers: La Quico and Litchi.


4. The Odd Seoul

The Odd Seoul brings you to the underground scene of Seoul with its metro-themed interiors, but it’s the taste of their soju-based cocktails that will make you stay. Order the Yogurt Lady, and you’ll probably want all the free drinks from the promo for yourself.

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I'm letting you in on a secret. I don't know if you know that I am in pursuit of finding out the metro's best kept (are they still?) Secret Bars with a magnifier in one hand, (nope, just kidding). So a few weeks ago I have uncovered my 8th Secret Bar. It's very different from the ones I've been to as this one is modern and hip. ⁣ ⁣ Meet The Odd Seoul @theoddseoul. The entrance to this soju bar is hidden behind one of the enigmatic paintings on one of the walls of Gaja Korean Kitchen. How do you open it? That you have to find out. Well you can browse through my Instagram highlights under “Food” to find out or just persistently ask one of the staff at Gaja. ⁣ ⁣ Like what I mentioned a while ago, The Odd Seoul compared to other speakeasies that you can find in Metro Manila is not at all vintage or quirky. Just like its mother establishment Gaja, it is modern, hip, colorful and sleek – which will surely appeal to the younger crowd. Like most secret bars, seating is limited. But if you don't mind feeling like titos and titas of Manila and want to score a comfy area to sit while getting backstabbed/betrayed by their Soju and yakult shot mixes, then you better get there earlier than usual. ⁣ ⁣ #theoddseoul #soju #secretbars #speakeasy #poblacion #manilanightlife #idrinkandiknowthings #speakeasybar #hiddenbar #secretbarsociety #libations #bestbars #craftedcocktails #craftcocktails ⁣ ⁣

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3. RM-16

If dessert cocktails are what you’re looking for, then look for the Coca-Cola vending machine that will lead you to RM-16. People with a sweet tooth will enjoy sipping from the s’mores and ice cream-infused drinks.

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#FindTheBigRedVendingMachine 📸 @trylocalph

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2. Hotel Bar

The Gin & Tonic in Hotel Bar is something like you’ve never had before. A scoop of strawberry sorbet floats in the middle, adding the perfect contrast to a classic drink. Forget the other drinks, avail the promo ordering all Gin & Tonic.

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1. The Wild Poppy

Immerse in a tropical paradise once you enter The Wild Poppy, where you and your gals can enjoy fruity and sweet concoctions.

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