Here’s Where to Get Your Much-Needed Dose of Sangria

By  - 6 years ago

It’s T minus one day before National Sangria Day and we can’t let you skip this one. Here are five places in the city to grab some booze before you snooze!


5. Las Flores

If you want to get a little silly, try Las Flores’ slightly stronger La Nostra Sangria. The Sangria Blanca comes with a chorizo bite you can snack on for that perfect mix of sweet and savory.


4. Eight by UCC

You can’t possibly have just one glass; it’s either you go big or go home! With Eight by UCC’s unlimited sangria—which you can also enjoy frozen—we’d rather do the former.


3. Barcino Wine and Resto Bar

Loyal customers of Barcino Wine and Resto Bar swear by the sophisticated restaurant’s chorizo and cheese platter best paired with their housemade red sangria.


2. Alegria Cozinha Moderna

Sangria fans rejoice! There is now a sangria bar in the country–yes, you read that right. Alegria Cozinha Moderna puts their own twist on the Spanish classic: Sangria Vermelha is mixed with blackberry and lavender, Sangria Verde with cucumber and kiwi, and Cava Sangria with passionfruit.


1. The Sippery

At first glance, the sangria, Mangria, and Cava from The Sippery all look like your typical Spanish drink concoction… until you take your first sip when you realize your drink is on fire—literally! The chef recommends putting the alcohol on flame to further bring out the flavors of the sangria.


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