Which Poblacion Bar to Go to, According to Your Personality

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Poblacion is one of Manila’s hottest drinking spots RN. Whether you’re down for a chill drinking session with your closest friends or you’re in the mood to party, this booming neighborhood truly has something for everyone.


For the life of the party: Pura Vida

Great news: you don’t have to travel far if you’re down for a beach party. Pura Vida brings in the carefree, laid-back vibe of Costa Rica, right at the narrow streets of Poblacion. It’s usually jam-packed on weekends, with a hip crowd either dancing to Reggae beats or sipping on Pura Vida’s authentic Costa Rican drinks. For an easy start, loosen up with an order of their beach cocktail Summer Melted or for something strong and exotic, Pura Vida’s signature spicy shot Chili Guaro won’t disappoint.



For the sweet and flirty: Polilya

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With its purple neon sign, tropical interiors, and eclectic furniture, Polilya is easily one of the prettiest pubs in Poblacion. Inside, you’ll definitely find lots of Insta photo opportunities! But of course, there’s more to this bar than its stylish interiors; people come here for their vast range of fun cocktails. Whether it’s their beer slushy Cool Bird Spritz or their citrusy and fruity cocktail Sandrapolitan, you’ll want to try everything on the menu.   



For the deep and sensitive: Run Rabbit Run

If the busy pubs in Poblacion aren’t your thing, you’ll surely love the intimate vibe at Run Rabbit Run! The house-turned-cocktail bar’s bold red front door will transport you to dimly lit rooms that are perfect for those chill inuman sessions. The interiors are moody but inviting and the music isn’t too loud, which makes it easy to have a casual—or even deep—conversation with anyone. Order their signature Alice and Wonderland-inspired cocktails, and you won’t mind staying here until the wee hours of the morning!


For the thrill-seeker: Agimat Foraging Bar and Kitchen

The Agimat bar is not your typical pub. Located on the second floor of an old home, the Filipino folklore-themed bar holds a mysterious yet charming vibe, with lots of anting-anting on the walls and a Balete tree over on the bar! It’s the place-to-be for anyone who’s down to try something new—especially when it comes to booze. Veering away from your usual sangrias and mojitos, Agimat bar serves an all-Filipino selection of cocktails. Try their otherworldly fiery drink Ritual ng Agimat, which the staffs prepare with a ritual and a chant for that overall whimsical experience you won’t ever forget.  


For the artsy: Dulo  

Dulo is a bar, restaurant, café, and art space rolled into one! Anyone who enjoys art should feel right at home as Dulo hosts many open mic poetry nights, workshops, art exhibits and even live shows. The best part? They serve amazing Filipino-Taiwanese food, too. You shouldn’t miss their crowd-favorite Mushroom Bao and Naichatini (a.k.a. milk tea with liqueur!).


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