Top 5 Gadgets You Need to Travel With

By  - 6 years ago

Are you sure you’re ready for your travels this summer? Double check if you everything because you might still be missing a thing or two from this list of must-have gadgets for every trip.


5. Pocket Wi-Fi

A pocket Wi-Fi will be your best friend during a trip abroad, especially in an unfamiliar place. You need it for navigating to the attractions you’ll be visiting, contacting your travel buddies (you wouldn’t want to incur roaming fees, right?), and let’s face it, updating your Instagram feed and Story.


4. Bluetooth Headphones

Be it a short- or long-haul flight, thank god for headphones that can cancel all the unwanted noise. Don’t forget to prepare your travel playlist!


3. Power Bank

Since you’ll be abusing your cellphone for navigating, taking photos, and communicating, you’ll easily run out of battery even early in the day. Looking for outlets in restaurants to charge won’t come easy too, so make sure to invest in a power bank for a back-up power source.


2. Tablet

The key to saving yourself from dying out of boredom during that three-hour layover, fifteen-hour long-haul flight or even that short flight? A tablet, and preferably with video-on-demand service. Lucky you, FOX+ lets you download your TV shows and movies to watch offline so you can binge on them during the much-dreaded wait. You’re welcome!















1. Universal Adapter

You can forget everything but never a trusty universal adapter. Draining your gadgets at the end of the day means you’ll be dependent on power sources to charge them back up again, and an adapter will make sure your plug will be compatible with your destination’s outlet–wherever you may be!


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