This Local Horror Film Won’t Let You Sleep This Summer

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Brace yourselves, horror buffs! FOX Original Productions’ first Filipino horror flick is premiering on May 1, and they’ve promised it’ll get under our skin.

They just dropped the first Maledicto trailer, so take a peep:

Maledicto. In Cinemas May 1

Evil will soon manifest. MALEDICTO. In Cinemas May 1. #MaledictoMovie

Posted by Maledicto Movie on Wednesday, 20 February 2019

A minute and a half isn’t a lot, but here’s everything we can assume about it so far:

1. Possessions. It’s definitely about possessions.

We can see a few shaking beds and people going rabid, so this definitely about the demons who are out to get us. Most of the characters are also from the church, so maybe we’ll get a deeper insight on how all these possessions work!

2. Jas Curtis-Smith as a nun??

This isn’t Jas’ first horror flick, but it is her first time as a religious role! Honestly, we can’t wait to see how Jas portrays a nun that’s always haunted by demons.

3. Something satanic is going on

Were we the only ones who spotted the human sacrifices? On top of an abandoned mountain? How about the occult tattoos??? Look again.

4. Tom Rodriguez still looks cute af as a priest

Not to be thirsty, but… that jawline though.

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