Scariest Asian Movies to Marathon on a Saturday Night

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You’ve probably seen some of the American remakes of these movies, but as they say, nothing beats the classics. Grab your scream buddies and some popcorn ‘cos we’ve made a list of the Asian movies that will provoke the most screams, chills, and nightmares.


8. Dark Water

As a troubled mother tries to rebuild her life with her daughter, things turn for the worst when a series of unfortunate events start to plague them: the roof keeps leaking, she’s losing the custody battle, and odd occurrences keep disturbing them in the new apartment. Is it real or just in her head?


7. Audition

In search of a new wife, a widower decides to hold auditions disguised as a casting call for a new film. What was initially a good idea turns to a mess when his potential spouse seems to have a suspicious background. Speed dating doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?


6. The Eye

After a cornea transplant, a blind girl finally gets to live her dream of seeing. What she didn’t expect was seeing things she’s not supposed to.


5. Coming Soon

Horror moviegoers thought they were merely in for a quick scare, but little did they know they were going to live their worst nightmares.


4. Ju-on: The Grudge

A volunteer caregiver is assigned to a bedridden patient who lives alone. During her stay, she discovers there’s more to what she signed up for. This film is proof that not all doors are meant to be opened.


3. Shutter

A couple gets into a car accident with a young woman assumed to be the figure they’ve started seeing in personal photographs. After looking into the victim, what is found is a surprising connection. You might reconsider taking selfies after watching this Thai horror movie.


2. A Tale of Two Sisters

Upon returning from their stay in the mental institution, two sisters are startled by the presence of a stepmother. Their road to recovery is a struggle as their relationship with their new mother is no fairytale. It also doesn’t help that there are unusual activities happening in their home.


1. Ringu

A reporter investigates a cursed tape and its connection to the deaths surrounding it. Rumor has it the victims watched the video then received an eerie phone call informing them they would die in a week. You might want to turn off your television sets after watching this one.


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