Tom Rodriguez and ‘Maledicto’ Co-stars Share Creepy Experiences

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What’s creepier than a horror movie? The stars of upcoming horror film ‘Maledicto’ would say experiencing something supernatural while on set.


The 4 main stars of the awaited possession flick opened up recently about scary experiences and challenges they endured on and off set.


A feeling of something heavy riding on your back

Tom Rodriguez, who plays troubled priest Father Xavi in the film, revealed that he was creeped out by 2 locations—one abandoned school and one hospital for tuberculosis patients. The actor recounted that he felt so creeped out one time that he asked the crew to wrap up filming before night.


He said that upon entering the area, it feels like something heavy rides on his back. To counter the negative energy, he equipped himself with happy thoughts and a crystal given to him by girlfriend Carla Abellana. Aww!


Think positive things

Inah de Belen plays the character of Mara, Father Xavi’s sister. The young actress shared her own horror story. While filming, the director noticed a wound on her neck that wasn’t there beforehand.


According to her, she might’ve hurt herself while filming a specific scene with a prop. Like Tom, she counters these negative happenings with positive thoughts.


Praying before filming

Jasmine Curtis-Smith said that all throughout filming, she felt secured especially since they pray together before starting work. However, the cast also acknowledges that although they are safe, scary things happen in real life in certain places.



Aside from the supernatural aspect, Miles Ocampo opened up how scared she was to take on the role of Agnes, a seemingly perfect daughter and student being pursued by a dark force.

She said it’s the most challenging and daunting role she’s ever had and that it was tiring “emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually kasi nakakatakot din”.


Maledicto opens in cinemas May 1. Watch the trailer below!

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