Struggles You Had When You Over-Straightened Your Hair as a Teen

By  - 6 years ago

Remember your teens when you wouldn’t be caught dead without straight hair? You can blame your hair idols Hilary Duff and Avril Lavigne and the emo movement for this obsession with pin-straight locks.

Now though, it’s natural-looking straight hair that we aspire for. Gone are the days of pin-straight hair! As one last commemoration of that past, let’s reminisce on some of the struggles you had as an uncontrollable teenage hair-straightener:


  1. Your arms were always tired 

All that hair to straighten meant you could skip the bicep curls because your arms were pretty much ripped from holding that iron.


  1. Showering was a blessing and a curse

Covered in sweat but didn’t want to mess up your perfect hair? You developed a love/hate relationship with taking a shower because choosing between cleanliness and straight hair was a daily dilemma.


  1. There was just ONE strand that wouldn’t seem to straighten, no matter how much you did to it

Ah, yes. Your old nemesis. Just cutting that one annoying lock was always on your mind.


  1. Hair, hair, everywhere

You didn’t care that heat styling and product overload caused you to shed, but your parents sure did when they had to clean the house.


  1. If you dyed your hair, the color didn’t last for long

The early 2000s often meant dyed and straight hair went hand in hand (chunky highlights, anyone?). Too bad every time you straightened it, the color faded. Frizz and fade were double the trouble.


  1. You hated getting caught in the rain and dreaded any weather extremes

Must avoid frizz at all costs!


  1. Burning yourself 

You were willing to go through constant pain just for straight hair.


  1. Burning your house

We bet you still have those marks on your furniture and floor. Plus, panicking about leaving the house with your straightener plugged in was a constant source of anxiety.


  1. Burning your hair

The worst, however, was destroying those locks you spent so much time and money on.


If you’re not into burning yourself and your house, think before you reach for that iron and those harmful products again. These not only damaged your hair, but gave you flat, stiff tresses that didn’t look natural, which was okay for your teenage self, but you’re #adulting now.



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