2000s Instagram Accounts For Nostalgia Junkies

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Here’s the thing about nostalgia: it traditionally runs on a 20-year cycle. These days our cultural need to revisit the past is moving at breakneck speed. So whilst we should theoretically still be suffering from a late ’90s-induced hangover, instead we’re unironically donning our trucker hats, zipping up our velour track ensembles, and seeing the world through rainbow-tinted, rimless glasses.

Yes, the 2000s are back. Just ask Bella, Britney, and Bubbles. So why the pressing need to hark back to the frightening, confusing times of our adolescence? Because there’s plenty of good to remember and plenty of bad to laugh at.

So ditch your choker, abandon your brown lipstick, and dial down the angst because we’ve rounded up 5 Instagram accounts that celebrate the early 2000s in all their bedazzled glory.


5. @boshbabexoxo

Featuring seminal moments in early 2000s pop culture, @boshbabexoxo is your ultimate archive for all things aughts.

Trouble makers 💖#early2000s #parishilton #nicolerichie

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No reception but make it fashion 💕#tyrabanks #2000s

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4. @shesvague

@shesvague is all about the aesthetic but also, according to its moderator, celebrates “women’s empowerment in pop culture, fashion, art, film and entertainment.”

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3. @twogirlsonepizza

@twogirlsonepizza is absolutely awash with nostalgia, focusing on the early 2000s and late ‘90s in particular. Look out for twosdays, where posts feature a pair of aughts celebs for for double the fun.

Get in loser we’re going shopping

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2. @everyoutfitonsatc

A show still considered groundbreaking for its fashion sensibility, Sex and the City has influenced many. @everyoutfitonsatc features iconic outfits, witty sartorial breakdowns, and fond memories.


1. @babemania

Babemania heralds the women and phenomena that influenced the early 2000s. Expect Baby G watches, flip phones, pre-breakdown Britney, and lots of Destiny’s Child matching ensembles.

JT in bed with lion king? Mood

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Outfit 👌🏼 #devinaoki

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