These 5 Daily Activities Could Be Stressing Out Your Hair

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As much as we want to keep our hair healthy and shiny, we don’t notice the many hair sins we are committing every day. Read on to see how many of these you’re guilty of.


5. Using too much heat to style

Glamming up for events on Friday nights or even just getting ready for school or work everyday includes styling our hair. Our go-to tools are curling irons, flat irons, as well as hair dryers. All of these, however, apply extreme heat directly onto our hair, resulting in the loss of its moisture and water content. Did we also mention that constant heat styling could also make your locks weak and brittle?


4. Working out

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means incorporating workout sessions into our daily routine. Exercising makes us perspire a lot, but this also means sweat and dirt remain on the scalp if we don’t clean it thoroughly.


3. Exposing your hair to sun

In a tropical country as breathtaking as the Philippines, who wouldn’t want to be out all the time? Surfing the waves, hiking the mountains, or even sunbathing by the pool–it’s common to see Filipinas spend their days outdoors. But doing these activities for long hours under the scorching heat of the sun causes the hair to look dull and lifeless.


2. Using hair products

Part of styling our hair and keeping it healthy is the application of various hair products all at once. What we don’t realize is when we don’t wash our hair properly, the residue of these products, along with other impurities, accumulates on the scalp and will eventually lead to product build-up.


1. Commuting

The day-to-day commute to work, especially in the city, means exposure to the pollution from vehicles, not to mention the emissions from factories. What settles on our hair are the dust, pollen, and other solid particles the air carries.


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