No Holy Week Plans Yet? Hit Up These Local Destinations for a Peaceful and Quiet Vacay!

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Lent season is nearing its end and the solemn holidays are coming up. While there are some of us that opt to stay at home, other families choose to get away from the city for the long weekend ahead.

So in case you and the bunch want to go on a Holy Week getaway, you might as well choose to nestle in a peaceful and quiet destination to make the somber holiday count.


La Luz Beach Resort and Spa – San Juan, Batangas

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If a long-haul drive isn’t your cup of tea, just a few hours’ drive from the metro is La Luz Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas. It’s a cozy, simple, and relaxing little nook overlooking the beach. Nothing fancy or luxurious here, just a peaceful and calm atmosphere to enjoy with your loved ones.


Fort Ilocandia Hotel – Laoag, Ilocos Norte

Way up in the windy north is Fort Ilocandia, which we’re sure you’ve heard of one way or another. It’s luxurious, complete with amenities, and ultimately family-friendly. You and your whole family will get your much needed R&R at the resort but you can also wander outside and visit famous spots in Laoag.


Panzzian Beach – Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

This beach goes way back and we mean 18th century colonial era. The resort boasts of its calm atmosphere as well as their friendly and warm guides who will make your stay worthwhile.


HideOUT Hostel – San Felipe, Zambales

Source: @hideoutliwa
If you and the squad prefer to be more enveloped in serenity and nature, HideOUT is pretty much your best bet. Be surrounded by lush greenery and enjoy a vegan breakfast while you watch the sunset.


Portulano Dive Resort – Anilao, Batangas

Source: @portulanodive
Though this diving cove is a destination for scuba enthusiasts, there are plenty things to do here like kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and all-around relaxing. The vacation house can fit up to 20 people, so if the entire clan is in on the vacation, this cozy reef resort should be on the top of your list.


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