6 Surprising Ways to Kick Stress to the Curb

By  - 6 years ago

Stress happens even to the best of us. Lucky are those who have mastered the art of dedma and stoicism but majority of us have different coping mechanisms against the common enemy that is stress. But there are effective ways of dealing with stress aside from eating and retail therapy – and you don’t even need to spend much money!


6. Break stuff

Find stuff around your house that aren’t expensive or useful. Alternatively, look for discarded items or buy stuff specifically for the purpose of blowing off steam. Since stress often stems from the feeling of powerlessness, breaking things will help you seize that sense of power. Be careful though! You or someone could get easily hurt.


5. Wander around

Break up the monotony of your routines. Hop in a car or bus and go wherever life takes you. Enjoy the journey this time instead of thinking about the destination. Turn at a different corner or take the route you never dared to before. This can help you experience new environments and, who knows? You’ll meet new people or discover a new cafe along the way. Don’t worry about getting lost – that’s the idea.


4. Head bang

Even if you’re not a fan of rock, unleashing your inner metalhead can help you release a lot of tension and pent-up rage. Put on some classics like Guns N’ Roses or AC/DC and go ham. Dance and jump around too, if you must. It’s your imaginary solo concert, anyway.


3. Fold paper

Origami is pretty neat because you do it anytime, anywhere. The supervisor just yelled at you in front of your colleagues? Fold up a nice origami crane on your desk. You can learn the art through Youtube videos so it’s super handy. Folding paper is known to decrease feelings of anxiety and increase inner calm. So the next time you’re about to explode, grab a piece of paper and start folding.


2. Look at fractals

Looking at repeating patterns can help take your mind off the stress. You can find fractals in architecture, art, and even nature. They can be found in ocean waves, snowflakes, and swirls in paintings. Looking at these for 20 minutes can induce a calming effect in the brain.


1. Take a beer bath

Say what? We know it may feel criminal to pour bottles of beer in the tub but it will do you more good there than in your tummy. Beer contains phytoestrogens which can help you relieve stress, but try soaking in it instead of chugging it down. You can still enjoy beer while giving your liver a break.


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