Plan the Perfect #TreatDay Influencer-style

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If you’ve been feeling stressed, burned out, and uninspired, then it means you are in dire need of a break. No excuses but you have to drop everything now and go on a #TreatDay, stat! Here are a few tips from influencers to make your pamper session the best R&R yet!

Source: Arianna Cowper


Source: Vern Enciso

For the ladies who are feeling extra af, grab your best babes for a luxe sleepover in a hotel. Don’t feel guilty about the splurge since 1) it doesn’t happen often, and 2) it’s a much-needed one from all the stress you’ve been dealing with.

With a #staycation, you can leave all your worries behind, and have the complete freedom to just rest and recover, watch your favorite rom-com flicks with your girls or bum in bed the whole day.


Look snatched!

Source: Nicole Andersson

Part of treating yourself is making yourself feel good and look good. If you want to glam up and explore beauty looks just because, then it’s perfectly fine.

You and your girlfriends can give each other makeovers during a sleepover. You don’t need a party, a person or any other reason to wear makeup. You do it for you. The best part? You girls can do your own photoshoot! Take as much selfies, mirror shots, Instagram content you want, and nobody can stop you from having fun!


Bath and beyond

Source: Verniece Enciso 

It’s not a #staycation if you don’t reserve some ‘me’ time for you. Make sure you prepare a warm bath–complete with bath salts or bubbles–so you can relax and meditate.

You’ve probably been through grueling weeks or worse, months. It’s important to set aside alone time every now and then to clear your mind, loosen your body, and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Royal treatment

Source: Vern Enciso

Once you clock out of your office, the #girlboss is out, but the queen will be in. Let yourself experience some pampering fit for royalty even just for a day.

Schedule a massage, mani-pedi or room service during your stay-in so you won’t be bothered to go through the crazy city traffic. Plus, the private service with your gals is a different experience that will get you feeling special, pampered, and comfortable.


A great hair day

Source: Rhea Bue

Go the extra mile, and reward yourself with a treatment fit for a queen. Like you and your body, your hair deserves some break and pampering too. But you don’t even have to go to the salon and pay a lot for it. You can just do a quick DIY version of it during your bath time.


Cream Silk recently launched Triple Keratin Rescue Ultra Treatments in the form of crème and hair wrap. These products let you do your own hair spa sans the hefty cost but with the same quality as in beauty salons. It has Keratin Relaxers to tame rebellious frizz, Keratin Serum to revive intense damage, and Keratin Essence to restore extreme dullness. The 200 ml crème tub is only Php 190, while the wrap is Php 200.

Shop it here and here.

Shop it here and here.

The crème also comes in 12 ml sachets worth Php 12 apiece. You only have to use it once a week, so it’s super affordable!


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