7 Beauty Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

By  - 6 years ago

We can’t deny that makeup and skincare products can be expensive and cause a significant hole in our pocket. Yes, there are affordable products here and there, but some of us refuse to spend a single penny on another bottle of toner or tube of mascara.


There are more than a couple ways to use what’s readily available to us and incorporate them into our beauty routines. These beauty hacks prove that we don’t always have to visit Sephora on a regular basis and shell out on products.


Check out these 7 beauty hacks you wish you knew sooner!


7. Use lipstick to conceal dark eyes

Don’t feel like buying a color corrector palette? Use whatever lipstick you have — but preferably one with a satin finish. For those with darker skin, use classic red shade. For lighter skin, use coral tones. Try this technique to seamlessly cover up tattoos, too!


6. Use a wet tea bag for chapped lips

Before applying your favorite matte lipstick, press a warm bag of tea to your lips for 3 minutes to get rid of dry, flaky skin. This helps your lips stay moisturized and hydrated throughout the day, plus your lipstick will apply evenly!


5. Use the sugaring method to shave legs

Sugaring is more cost-effective way to dispose of bodily hair. No need to head to the waxing salon for a sesh. A simple mix of ¼ lemon juice, 2 glasses of sugar and ¼ glass of water will do the trick. Heat the mixture until it’s golden, let it cool, then spread it on your prefered spot before sharply removing the paste.


4. Coat eyelashes with powder before curling them

Want fuller-looking lashes?

Using a fluffy brush, apply a light coat of translucent powder on your lashes. The trick is not to use too much; just the right amount for the hairs not to get all clumped together. Then, apply a coat of mascara and make sure to cover up the dustiness.


3. Mix strawberries with baking soda to whiten teeth

If you want a whiter, brighter-looking smile, mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of grated strawberries, and use this mixture as a substitute for toothpaste at least twice a month.


2. Put saline solution in your mascara

Some mascaras easily dry out or sometimes we want to stretch our current one longer and use up every ounce of it before going ahead with another purchase. The trick? Put a few drops of saline solution and voila! A new paste is made.


Just make sure to throw out these tubes if they’ve been sitting around for more than 6 months!


1. Use apple cider vinegar as a toner

Many have sworn that using apple cider vinegar as a toner has helped restore the smoothness of their skin including celebs like Scarlett Johansson. The acid balances our skin’s pH, as well as fights blemishes and prevents acne.


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