5 Japanese Products That Should Be on Your Beauty Bucket List

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We know Korean beauty brands are the craze in recent years but it’s time for Japanese products to be given the spotlight. Ever wonder why Japanese women look so young and fresh? We’ll let you in on a secret – it’s the products they use. So if you’re thinking of updating your skincare and make-up stash, you might want to add these brands.



Sephora PH, P4290

Hear us out – the price tag might be hefty but everyone who has tried it SWEARS to the heavens that it did wonders to their face. The Facial Treatment Essence promises that spots will be less visible, wrinkles will fade, texture will refine, and radiance will be more apparent. Say goodbye to foundation, say hi to fountain of youth.



Beauty MNL, P445

A favorite among beauty enthusiasts, Biore has a range of products that will complete your Asian skincare regime. They might be popular for their Deep Cleansing Nose Strips and their Charcoal Deep Pore Cleanser, but their sunscreens are the bomb too. Sun protection is the most important step in any beauty regime so if you’re not using their SPF, what are you doing?



Canmake, P540

No Japanese beauty haul is complete without one of Japan’s best drugstore brands. It’s hard to miss their bright pink logo and their princess-themed packaging in department stores. It’s an understatement to say you’ll feel like a princess when you put on their Perfect Serum BB Cream, Marshmallow Finish Powder, and Cream Cheek blush.


Dolly Wink

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Glam Shop, P780

You’ll truly look like a doll with Dolly Wink’s bestselling falsies. Their intricately designed lashes look natural and light, but their durable enough to reuse for a month. Special mention to their eyeliners as well, which come in different vivid colors and are smudge-free.



Ebay, P991

This amazing mascara will leave you wide-eyed in awe. Fairydrops mascaras have ‘bobble’ wands, which help separate the lashes to guarantee a doll-like look. Their lash-lengthening formula became an instant favorite among beauty enthusiasts. Their unique brush design totally revolutionized the Asian beauty industry.

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