These Makeup Ingredients May Give You Acne

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Acne is a difficult nemesis to beat. Sometimes, we spend so much on skincare products with little to no results. Maybe the answer to the problem isn’t to spend more, but perhaps use less. If we try avoiding products that aren’t actually good for the skin, we would spend less money and time on acne care.


If you want to achieve clear and flawless skin, check out the labels on your cosmetics haul and take note of these makeup ingredients to avoid.




Look out for letters D&C followed by a color and a number. Usually you’ll see D&C Red #3, #21, #30, etc. These are added to give color to your makeup such as your blush. These dyes are very comedogenic and may be the cause of the pimples on your cheeks.


Lauric acid


This ingredient rates high on the comedogenic scale so that’s a sign to keep it away from your skin. This fatty acid is actually very common in cosmetics and skincare products. It’s also found in coconut oil, which you should keep away from your face as well.


Shea Butter


This might be a good moisturizer for your body and you can use it as a lotion but it’s far too rich and thick to be used on the face. It may clog your pores, which can eventually lead to acne.



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Ingredients like benzaldehyde give your makeup a pretty nice scent. However, fragrances are known to irritate the skin and increase skin sensitivity. Honestly, you can do without scented cosmetics.


Bismuth oxychloride


This ingredient is often found in powders. The tiny crystals are sharp and can irritate your skin. They can also get stuck in your pores as well and you know what happens after that. Mind you, this ingredient is linked to the cause of cystic acne. Yikes. 


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