5 J-Beauty Trends We’re Obsessed With

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Image by ayaxxamiaya

By now, it’s no secret that Japan is one of the street fashion capitals of the world. Tokyo youth and designers alike are starting trends left and right, but they’re innovating not only the fashion scene.

J-beauty has come a long way, and its leading the asian market alongside it’s Korean counterpart. Check out the 5 J-beauty trends we’re obsessed with!

5. “Me no shita chiiku” or undereye blush

Photo by setoayumi

Move over, drunk blush! Undereye blush is the new trend we’re living for. Popularized by trendy Harajuku girls, me no shita chiiku is meant to make you look more youthful by rounding out your face and giving you that child-like flush.

The key to this trend is subtlety. Otherwise, suffer looking like a clown!

4. Dewy skin

Photo by Nylon Japan

We’ve all heard of glass skin by now, and the Japanese are just as obsessed as we are! Much like K-beauty, much of J-beauty centers around clear, radiant skin as a base for everything else. This is achieved through a simple, but effective skincare routine that focuses around even pigmentation and soft looking skin.

Make sure to moisturize well and use tons of sunscreen!

3. Thin eyebrows

Photo by ponysmakeup

While the rest of the world was relishing in the heavily cut Instagram brow, Japan was busy perfecting the art of thin eyebrows. And no, it’s not what you’re thinking!

This trend is all about subtlety, and letting your natural hair shine instead of completely carving out a shape. Lighter brow shades are also favored to not overpower the rest of the face.

2. Facial fitness devices

The Japanese value being natural more than anything, so devices that give a natural contour through just facial exercises have become pretty popular.

Some products also compress and lift your face over time, giving you your ideal face shape without needing to go under the knife!

1. Gyaru makeup

Photo from Pinterest

Nothing gets more kawaii than big, doll like eyes, and that’s the whole centerpoint of gyaru makeup. Pop into any Tokyo cosmetics store, and you’ll find them studded with colorful circle lenses and cartoonish falsies. The closer you looking like an anime you are, the better!

Chinitas, this trend was made for you and your monolids!


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