2000s Fashion Is Back And These Celebs Are Owning It

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Y2K was an interesting era in fashion and trends — chain belts, big hoop earrings, Juicy Couture tracksuits, cargo pants, and many more. The era is long gone but like any other fashion trend of the past, it eventually comes back.

Millennials and the Gen Z crowd are usually the first ones to sport the latest fashion trends and this one is no exception. Here are millennial celebs rocking it like it’s the year 2000!


Tube Tops

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Tube tops in the 2000s were every girl’s staple wardrobe item. Doesn’t matter what you pair it with, all the trendy girls had to wear a tube top. It later evolved into the bandana top craze, which was popularized by celebs like Mariah Carey and Beyonce. Kiana is known to be a fan of 90s and 2000s fashion as you can see in her Instagram OOTDs.


Flared pants

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wet dollarz.

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You’d be lying if you said you never hopped on the elephant pants bandwagon. If you didn’t own flared pants, you weren’t cool. In fact, the bigger the flare, the cooler you were so of course Nadine Lustre would sport the iconic fashion item. After all, this girl is the epitome of cool. Ready to wear your old elephant pants again?



Colorful tracksuits weren’t for the gym — it was for everywhere. We can’t really pinpoint who started the tracksuit trend back then, but Paris Hilton was one of the most prominent celebs who owned the look. Kylie Jenner loves to try different styles but one of her favorite outfits to wear are tracksuits.


Spaghetti straps

We don’t know exactly know why these tops with noodle-thin straps became a thing, but it’s comfy and breezy so we love it. It’s low-maintenance and goes with anything so it’s safe to say that this piece is timeless and deserves to stay in our closets until further notice. Lovi Poe seems to agree with us on this.

Bucket hats

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you only live once, enjoy it ? ? by @thelaraandres

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People will say it’s either a hit or miss, but we say it’s a comeback trend celebs will don anyway. And it’s actually not bad! Sofia Andres seems to be super confident in her bucket hat but maybe it’s because she makes it look so chic and high-fashion. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, bucket hats are back and stars are making sure it stays.


Corset tops

Whether or not it was the Moulin Rouge craze that put corset tops on the fashion scene again, it was a trend that unleashed the daring and bold side of women. It’s sexy and fun, and maybe a little flirty, but that’s why we love it. Now that celebs like Bella Hadid are wearing it again, it’s time to get the sexy Victorian clothing item trending once more.


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