6 Hacks to Get You Through the Hump Day

By  - 2 years ago

The mid-week slump is very real. It gets harder to get through the week as the weekend gets closer each day. We’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks to help you survive the dreaded sludge of Wednesdays. Here’s what you can do:


To stay on track with your #fitnessgoals2018

Keep a stash of almonds, cashews, pistachios, or other nuts by your desk.

The act of munching on something can keep you from getting bored and help you stay awake especially during the post-lunch lull.


Designate Wednesdays as your unskippable gym days.

It doesn’t matter if you workout before or after office hours for as long as you make time for it. A good sweat session can reinvigorate you for the daily grind while also helping you stay in shape.


To keep your productivity up

Take microbreaks within the day.

A few minutes off your screen every couple of hours can do wonders for your mood and overall health. Stand up from your chair, walk around, and stretch your legs a bit to offset the negative effects of sitting around for hours at a time.


Go for green.

Even just 40 seconds of staring outside the window or at some office greenery is enough to recharge your brain so you can get more smart and efficient work done.


To feel like you’re doing less work than you actually are

Organize your day.

To get through your day with the least amount of stress, allot specific times for checking your e-mails. Go through your inbox when you get to the office, after lunch, and right before you go home. This prevents the accumulation of unread messages.

Knowing when you tend to be most productive is also key. Schedule your most pressing work during those times because you’re more likely to breeze through them once you’re already in the zone.

Lastly, take the time at the end of the day to prep your to-do list for tomorrow. This helps prioiritize the tasks needed for the next day as well as prevents mix-ups with multiple deadlines you have to meet.


To get you hyped and ready for the weekend festivities

Scroll through your feed.

You can spend a little time on social media during your microbreaks to calm your nerves and find cool things to do once your well-deserved weekend finally comes around. Also make plans with friends or family to check out that pretty fashion cafe or stay in for a movie marathon with bae. Having things to look forward to can make the grind more bearable fo sho!


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