These Fashion Cafes in Asia Let You Dine in Style

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Notice a trend among clothing brands lately? They’re not only filling our closets with the latest collections of the season, but they’re looking to fill our tummies now too! High street brands and designer labels are taking over the kitchens as we saw more openings of their branded cafés and restaurants the last few years. Below are five fashion cafés in Asia that made our must-try list!


5. harlan+holden – Manila, Philippines

What started as a pop-up coffee shop then a pod in Greenbelt is now a full dining restaurant in PowerPlant Mall. It’s hard to miss harlan+holden’s Glasshouse where interiors look modern, bright, and classy.

Golden hour in the holden cafe. ✨

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Their menu is filled with healthy options perfect for brunch with the family, a coffee catch-up with the girls or a romantic evening with the boyfriend.

Good move, @harlanholden! Tastes good and priced right! @harlanholdendine

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4. Café Dior – Seoul, South Korea

Make sure you have enough memory and battery on your phones because you’ll be snapping non-stop in Café Dior. Tucked in Seoul, the chic café has stunning interiors decorated with neutral tones accented by silver and a pastel palette.

Photos from Dior.

A glimpse of their menu will remind you of Paris, but a taste of it will help you realize that that familiar taste is actually by Pierre Hermé. Expect gateaus, pastries, and more sweet creations for you to indulge in.


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지오니랑 데이트 ☕️ 💛 @bijouojib

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3. Beige Alain Ducasse – Tokyo, Japan

Chanel together with chef Alain Ducasse opened Beige, a Michelin-starred restaurant that serves French cuisine using the finest Japanese produce, in the luxurious district of Tokyo. The gastronomic experience begins once you’ve decided whether you’ll be having a three-, four- or five-course menu.

. 年末なので… 溜まっている写真を年内に😅 ・ ・ ベージュアランデュカス東京 お決まりの写真を✨✨ ・ ・ #ベージュアランデュカス東京 #ベージュアランデュカス #シャネル #シャネルレストラン #ミシュラン #銀座ランチ#シャネルビル #お決まりの #エレベーター #ウェイティングスペース ・ #2枚とも帰りに撮りました #鏡に自分が写り込まないように #友達までどかす #前回のベージュpostにお返事してないこと思い出す🙇‍♀️ #もっと前のもしていなかった😰 #いつもお返事遅くてすみません ・ #beigealainducassetokyo #beigealainducasse #chanel #waittingroom #chanelrestaurant #ginza #ginzatokyo #ginzalunch #instalike #haruet

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The inside of the restaurant is very Chanel-esque—simple, yet elegant. They stuck with beige, black, and white for its colors, while they made sure to feature plenty of the French fashion house’s signature elements: tweed, the interlocking C logo, and the camélia.

Photo by Pierre Monetta via Architectural Digest

Don’t these desserts look divine?

먹으러 떠난 도쿄여행 미슐랭 투스타 Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo – 난 아무래도 아시아 입맛인가보다 똑같은 프랜치에 미슐랭 투스타여도 파리에서 먹은건 그냥 그랬는데 도쿄는 대박 맛있당..❣️ 애매한 시간이라 창가 자리 안비워줄줄 알았는데 창가 자리 비워둬 주셔서 예쁜 야경 보면서 안심심하게 먹었다 마지막에 갈때 여행 선물이라고 선물도 주셨다..♥️ 메인 요리는 당연하고 비트를 흙냄새 난다고 생각 안하고 고기만큼 맛있게 먹은건 첨이당 샴페인도 나쁘지 않았구 커피는 블루보틀보다 맛있었당 나중에 가족이랑 또오고싶다👍 #beigealainducassetokyo

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2. Vivienne Westwood Café – Hong Kong

Fancy some tea, anyone? You don’t have to fly all the way to Europe for a British afternoon tea. Vivienne Westwood brought U.K. to Hong Kong when she opened her own café in Harbour City.

Photo from Luxury Launches.

Enjoy tea for two served as a three-tiered set of scones, sandwiches, pastries, and desserts, including two beverages of choice. Spot her orb logo and signature tartan print while you’re at it!

They also offer a variety of cakes, sweets, coffee, and juices if you want something from the a la carte menu.Photo from @aiueoei

Photos from Harbour City. 

1. 1921 Gucci – Shanghai, China

If you have reason to celebrate, consider a fine evening dining with 1921 Gucci in Shanghai. Designed in gold, velvet, and marble, the luxurious restaurant offers Italian cuisine, perfect for those craving pasta, Italian cheese, and seafood.

Gucci Restaurant~🌚🌚🌚

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Insider tip: you’ll be coming back for their Tiramisu!


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They also have a café for your midday snacks and a bar and lounge area for your late night plans.

Photo from Daniel Food Diary.


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