These Hangover Hacks Will Save You This Party Season

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The holiday season truly is the most wonderful time of the year—but the uncomfortable bloating and the morning headache that comes after all the binge-eating and binge-drinking are the worst.  


Here’s how you can save yourself from the Christmas party-induced hangover:   


While you’re eating…

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Make water your best friend. Think of it as a balanced diet; if you’re happily stuffing yourself with every carb we can think of, counter it with glasses of water instead of soft drinks. Doing this will help speed up digestion, as well as minimize and prevent bloating.


After you’ve over-indulged…

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With all the pasta, lechon, or barbeque set on the buffet table, it seems impossible not to overeat. Don’t worry, though—if you’re starting to feel bloated, munch on some nuts, bananas, or even yogurt (whichever you have in the fridge). “You can benefit from a boost of potassium-rich foods like sweet potatoes, winter squash, citrus, bananas, and nuts, which help regulate excess sodium,” shares Dana Angelo, R.D. with the Women’s Health Mag. Your tummy will thank you.


Before you drink the booze…

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You’ve probably already heard this rule a thousand times: never drink on an empty stomach. Having a bowl of salad before drinking isn’t enough as well; you’ll need to have a proper meal of carbs before enjoying that sangria. Otherwise, you’ll get drunk and out-of-control too quickly, leading to a horrible hangover the next morning.



Before you sleep…   

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A whole night of drinking is fun, but the morning after isn’t. To avoid the possible hangover from happening, chug a bottle of sports drink before going to bed! Like water but even better, sports drinks help replace all the fluid and electrolytes lost in your body when drinking. Say goodbye to that pounding a.m. headache!


Happy Holidays!

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