Why Are Louboutin Soles Red?

By  - 8 years ago

Trends come and go, but red soles are forever.

Every fashion girl at heart knows that Louboutins don’t need an introduction, but have you ever wondered how the signature red soles came to be?


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In 1993, a prototype of Christian Louboutin’s own design—a pink stacked heel with a cartoonish cloth blossom—had arrived from Italy. However, the famous shoe designer, who had been in the business for two years, wasn’t satisfied with what he saw; he felt that though the pair looked similar to his sketches, it lacked energy in person.

At the time, his assistant was painting her nails red. He went up to her, grabbed the bottle of lacquer, slathered it over the soles of his shoes, and at last, the signature red was born.


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The famous red soles make Louboutin’s creations instantly recognizable: a jolt of red that pulses against a sea of quotidian brown and black footwear. Now that’s how you create a unique brand signifier—Louboutin style.

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