Manila Inspired Christian Louboutin’s Latest Handbag Collection

By  - 6 years ago

On his recent trip to the Philippines, Christian Louboutin made the headlines when he was spotted having an intimate dinner with Manila’s socialites, not to mention he was also caught dancing with Heart Evangelista during a ball. Safe to say Louboutin had the time of his life during his visits here as he took inspiration from the beauty of Filipino culture, sights, sounds, and celebratory spirit for his latest and third collection for Treasure Totes, the Manilacaba.


While stuck in middle of the country’s infamous traffic, Christian found the good in the bad when he noticed how the city is bursting with colors, especially those coming from the eclectic art and decorations on the jeepney. He drew inspiration from this vibrant atmosphere and brought them to life in the form of trendy totes.


The handbag features different panels of handwoven patterns sewn together, and embellished with an embroidered jeepney and sequin design. You have the option to get it in Denim Blue and Black Satin.


Manilacaba is a collaboration between the fashion giant behind the iconic red sole shoes and local artisans to highlight Filipino craftsmanship and skills. Louboutin kept the identity of the brand through its signature details of spikes adorning the handle and the logo crest on one of the panels, all while paying tribute to the Philippines through the efforts of the women of B’laan and Yakan tribes who worked on the embroidery, beading, and weaving the fabric of the bag.

Photos from @louboutinworld


Louboutin worked hand in hand with GREAT (Gender Responsive Economic Action for the Transformation of Women) Women in ASEAN initiative, a platform supporting Asian women entrepreneurs by providing them equal opportunities to tap the global market. Ten percent from the benefits of each purchase of a Manilacaba will be donated to them to assist them in their future endeavors and projects.

Have you picked between the two yet? Cop your Manilacaba here.


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