We tried out Heart’s favorite everyday lipstick to see if it’s as good as they say it is!

By  - 5 years ago

Nothing is as classy as a bold red lip, so it comes to no surprise that the queen of class deems it her personal fave. Luxe could honestly be Heart’s middle name, so it’s a total surprise that her favorite everyday lipstick only retails for 399 pesos!

But L’Oreal claims you don’t always have to compromise affordability for quality. For their Rouge Signature line, they took a huge inspiration from their luxury sister brands Giorgio Armani and YSL to come up with a liquid lipstick that’s both lightweight and high-pigment. No wonder Heart swears by it!

As big Heart Evangelista fans and lipstick enthusiasts, we took these lippies out for a spin to see if it really is all it’s cracked up to be!

Color Range

L’Oreal launched 10 matte shades they believe would suit every Filipina. Though, this collection doesn’t come in just 10 shades internationally, they definitely curated the colors we usually gravitate towards!

There’s a good mix of mauves, pinks, and reds, so we’re sure you’ll like at least one color.


The Rouge Signature collection claims to be as light as a lip tint, but as pigmented as a liquid lipstick, aka the best qualities of our favored lip products! Upon application, the product feels water light, and it definitely packed much more pigment than a typical lip tint.

Plus points for the ergonomic applicator that’s both precise enough to line your lips with and large enough to cover tons of surface area! It’s definitely reminiscent to Maybelline’s Matte Ink applicator, but much thinner and easier to use.

Though we wouldn’t say it’s as pigmented as a regular liquid lipstick, you only need 2 layers to get full pigmentation. Don’t worry — unlike typical liquid lipsticks, this lippie layers on beautifully without emphasizing the cracks on your lips.

They also promise zero flaking, smudging, and dryness, while lasting up to 24 hours. We’ll be the judge of that!

Wear Test

We tried out 3 different shades on 3 different girls with varying lip conditions to see if it wore well throughout the day. We would have tested the 24 hour claim, but after merely 4 hours of wear and one meal, the lipstick started to come off — leaving evident stains on our utensils.

Normal lips

Raffie is wearing 121 I Choose

Raffie chose a color that could easily be her next #MLBB, so even though the lipstick faded, the pink stain remained natural looking.

Moisturized lips

Cine is wearing 126 I Play

Though there’s evident fading on the inside of the lip, the outer portions remained stained. There was no smudging, but after 4 hours the lipstick definitely felt a little dry and there was some flaking around the cracks.

Dry lips

Ella is wearing 113 I Don’t

After 4 hours, the poppin’ red pigment faded into a lackluster pink on Ella. There is some smudging on the outer corners, but a reapplication of the water light tint should be the easy solution!


If you’re a fan of lip tints but you’re looking for more pigment, L’Oreal’s Rouge Signature collection might be the perfect choice for you! They weren’t kidding when they said this lippie is water light and pigmented af, so we can definitely see why this is Heart’s day-to-day fave.

Though not all the claims held true, we can see this lipstick in the hands of those who are steadfast with their lip care. Meaning, if you’re going for this one, make sure to exfoliate and moisturize prior! Much like a regular lip tint, the product clings to all your flaws, so it’s best not to give it any flaws to cling onto.

You can cop this lipstick collection for only PHP399 at any L’Oreal Paris counter nationwide or on their official e-store on Lazada!