Ukay Fans Will Love These Thrift Stores in Manila

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Branded clothes for the fraction of the price? With a dash of urban adventure? Sign us up!


Street-smart fashionistas who prefer super budget-friendly clothing stores and flea markets probably know every spot in this list already. But to those who have yet to discover these hidden retail gems and love a good bargain — keep reading!


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5. Bambang Market, Tondo

Source: Nognog In the City

You’ll find this little piece of retail heaven near the Bambang LRT station. The tag price of their clothes range from P50 to P350 — the latter having high fashion labels. It’s become quite a popular shopping destination for the vintage-loving fashionistas, mostly because of the variety of clothes available.

4. Makati Cinema Square

Source: Beatrice Malveda

If you seek for top quality items, this is the place you go to. It’s far less stuffy and cramped compared to the usual ukay-ukay stores as it is more spacious and well-ventilated. You’ll enjoy digging through the piles and sifting through racks of clothes because they have impressive finds!


3. Raberly, North EDSA

Source: Kira Ramirez

This little haven has a good selection of imported items including clothes, shoes, and bags. Though you can get a bargain for as low as P10, some items are relatively pricey compared to other ukays but still cheap considering a big portion of their haul is imported.


2. Starmall, Alabang

Source: Ukay Ukay Resource Center

Venture into the basement level of Starmall in Alabang and you won’t miss the wonderfully neon sign of Magarbo. Inside you’ll find items that cost P100 a piece, and if you dig well enough you can even get 4 for P100.


1. Anonas, Cubao

Source: Ianinoy WordPress

This place has 4 floors worth of good bargain. At Anonas Mall, you’ll find a bunch of thrift stores — one as good as the next. Denim pants for P50? Yep, you’ll find it! We guarantee you won’t go home empty-handed once you’ve braved through the rows and rows of hangers of clothes displayed all over the mall.



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