Time to Get Tropical: Palace Pool Club is now The Island!

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The Island PH is the first of its kind. Describing itself as a nightlife market, it’s a place where you can get a variety of  good food and drinks and feel like you’re on vacation while in the city.

When you step in, this sign greets you and blasts you with tropical vibes before you even step inside.

All the food stalls in The Island have a cashless payment system. Before going in, you will be given a RFID strap which you can load up to enjoy your food minus the hassle of having to rummage for cash in your bag.

The venue has 3 loading stations with simple instructions for an easy, breezy night.


First order of business is the drinks. Coco Loco is the biggest bar in The Island. Upon entry, this is the first bar you’ll get to enjoy.

Mojitos, anyone?

Craving for burgers, chicken fingers, and pizza? Big Kahuna is serving up delicious and mouth-watering food, perfect for chilling with friends.

Take a look at their bomb sampler plate.


For the sushi and poke fanatic, Catch and Release will satisfy all your fresh from the ocean cravings without breaking bank.


From the name itself, you can guess what Rum Jungle is all about. This is one of the indoor bars within the nightlife market.


Hops and Shots is perfect for quick and easy drinks for a chill turn-up.


El Pirata is the “convenience store” of your dreams. A bag of chips with a bottle of booze is ALWAYS a good idea.


Another amazing bar is Super Papaya, serving up fruity cocktails. The Island does not want anyone empty-handed on their watch.


The Smoking Hut will grant your barbecue wishes.


Kubo DJ booth. *mindblown*


The cutest seats near the delicious food? Check!


Le wild giant Jenga appears


Care for a swim?


We weren’t the only ones enjoying The Island’s crafty selection of food and drink. Here are some of the celebs we spotted at the launch:

Erwan Heussaff


Roxanne Barcelo


Fabio Ide


Marc Nelson


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