These Scents Will Send You on The Ultimate Throwback Trip

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Probably the most remarkable thing about your olfactory sense is its power to trigger incredibly vivid memories. A single whiff can send you on a trip down memory lane, accessing a wide range of feelings then spiraling deeper into a wave of intense emotions. It can draw out the clearest pictures of specific people, places, and events, down to the last detail. Like that time you and your first boyfriend hugged for the first (or last) time.


Below are some of the most popular fragrances of yesteryears and they’re sure to give you a quick throwback to the good ol’ days…complete with a few laughs. Which of them was your favorite back then? What about now?


Calvin Klein Eternity

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Exotic with a hint of spice, this feminine fragrance is luxurious, romantic, and timeless: the

perfect ingredients to describe that whirlwind teenage romance you had.


Versace Blue Jeans


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Crisp, sporty, and clean, it’s super laidback with those casual Friday nights hanging at the mall vibe. And influenced by those memories from our high school days, this is how we’ve come to expect our ideal guy to smell like.


Clinique Happy

Just as its name suggests, this scent brings to mind bright, sunny days filled with fun memories and a version of you that’s a lot less jaded—still filled with youthful optimism, passion, and dreams of living a nomadic, bohemian type of life.


Bath & Body Works Juniper Breeze

This classic scent combines floral notes with a whiff of fresh, breezy meadows reminiscent of the daily struggles you faced as you tried to navigate your way through the complicated drama of adolescence. Your locker room after PE was drowning in this scent.


Calvin Klein One

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Looking for flashbacks to those awkward boy-girl mixers a.k.a “soirées” a.k.a. “interactions”? (The term used to call them even differed depending on which school you came from!) Citrusy with floral and woodsy undertones, CK One was THE perfume to spritz on regardless of your gender. And it still remains one of the standard go-tos to this day.


Issey Miyake l’Eau d’Issey

The bottle alone, is already iconic in its own right. And 25 years in, and we still can’t get enough of this refreshing floral fragrance. Because of the way the smell lingers even after you’ve left the room, this was the scent you wore when you wanted leave a lasting impression. Like, say, on a blind double date setup with your BFF, her bae, and her bae’s number one bro.


Glow by JLo

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This came out during the height of J.Lo’s career when she was all about reminding people that she’s still Jenny from the block. It kinda smells of marshmallows and promises and captures a sense of sweet yet sexy allure. Exactly the kind of image you wanted to project on your first day of college.


Angel’s Breath

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Four words: Childhood in a bottle!


Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon

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Fresh yet fruity, this body mist is another Bath & Body Works classic that will take you back to those awkward tween years.


Victoria’s Secret Love Spell

Remember when you were first discovering your sexuality and Victoria’s Secret seemed to hold the answers to all your questions about growing up and womanhood? That’s exactly what this fragrance embodies.


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