Here are 5 Gifts You Can Give Yourself to Kick Off the School Year

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Starting a new school year means you successfully conquered the last one! Congratulations! But what lies ahead is a completely different adventure, and you have to gear up for it.


To help you get ready for the new school year and combat the back-to-school blues, check out these gift ideas to treat yourself with.


Makeover takeover

It may not be January 1 but a new school year also counts for bold makeovers. You know what they say, “new (school) year, new you”.

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Cut or color your locks, and try to sport a hairstyle you’ve never tried. You are not who you are last year, so let this new look inspire you to be and do better this year. Plus, dedicating a whole day to just pamper and relax yourself should be good before things can even get hectic again.


Retail therapy

You’ve probably used and abused all your shirt-jeans combos last year. Maybe, it’s time to let these go and get yourself a major wardrobe update for the new school year.

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Make sure to invest in quality pieces more than affordable fast-fashion articles because it will actually be more costly in the long run. Go for versatile basics since it will be easier to style and repeat.



It might be light at the start, but school can get pretty busy, especially during hell weeks. You need a planner or journal to manage your school life.

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You can keep track of all your tests, projects, reports, and other deadlines, not to mention your other extra-curricular activities. Trying to remember all of them in your head might overwhelm you, so it could really help lessen the burden if you note all of them down and prioritize the more important tasks.


But purse

Just thinking about all the books, notebooks, readings, and paperwork for the incoming year is already tiring! Better to have a bag that can fit all these and more.

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Backpack, shoulder bag, tote bagwhatever your preference, just have a durable one that can take the load off from your arms. It also prevents you from easily losing things, as well as keeps your things organized.


New phone, hu dis

With the new school year coming in, add a trusty phone that you can rely on 24/7 in your checklist. Consider Huawei Honor 8C an investment minus the headache since it’s sold at an affordable price of Php 7,999!

Source: Honor Turkey

You need a phone that can handle your social media activity but also keep up with your school needs (think contacting groupmates, researching, checking Facebook class groups, etc.). Honor 8C has a 4000 mAh battery that can last 2 days without charging so yes, it can handle heavy usage. Plus, its “Cat-Eye” blue and super thin design looks über stylish to carry around!


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