The Little Black Dress And How It Became Famous

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Before the 1920s, women’s clothing were uncomfortable, and black was reserved only for mourning—not until Vogue published Coco Chanel’s famous design in 1926, and tagged it as the “Chanel’s Ford”.

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Chanel’s Ford in 1926

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Just like the popular Ford Model T, Chanel’s little black dress was made accessible to women of all classes. Vogue even predicted that this dress would be “a uniform for all women of taste”.

Ford Model T Coupe 1920

The Ford T

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A portrait of Coco Chanel

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True enough, this dress stood the test of time, and today, an LBD is a must-have in every woman’s closet. Its class, elegance, and sophistication have made the dress maintain its popularity throughout the years. An LBD is versatile, beautiful, and best of all, comfortable. As our girl Coco once said, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise, it is not luxury.”

Check out these local celebrities’ modern take on the LBD.

Liza Soberano wearing a black off-shoulder dress.


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Nadine Lustre in a trendy black shift dress.


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Sofia Andres looks gorgeous in this slit dress!


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Anne Curtis ups her LBD game with sparkling embellishments.


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