Pocket Deep: A Day in the Life of a Manager

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We’ve uttered the words “Sweldo na ba?” more often than we like so it makes us wonder how other people get by. We asked a manager to share what her daily spendings and savings habits are like to give us some insight on how different professions manage their budget for their day-to-day activities. Here’s what we found out.



Occupation: Supervisor

Industry: Shared Services (Food and Beverage Company)

Age: 34

Status: Single

Dependents: None

Location: BGC

Monthly Salary:  Basic Salary P97,055.57

Paycheck Amount: (Less Withheld tax but adding allowances) P85,518.76

Bonuses: 13th month, 14th month & Performance Bonus (P106,805.57)


Monthly expenses

While she doesn’t pay rent because her condo was bought in full, her association fees add up to P3,907. She doesn’t own a car as well so she doesn’t have any car loans to cover.


If I need to go out of town for events and I don’t have a friend who can pick me up, I book a car service for the day. Pricey but still less complicated than maintaining a car by myself.”


She pays P200 for water, P2,900 for electricity, and her phone bill amounts to P1,690 for her landline and P800 for mobile. Of course she has to have a Spotify subscription too, so that costs P179. She has to stay fit so she has an annual gym membership which she pays P25,000 for. She gives back to UNICEF by donating P600 and regularly treats her team to pizza which can amount to P2,000 a month. Even after all that, she is still able to put aside P5,000 which goes to her savings.



Her biggest expense for leisure is travel. In the last year, she traveled to places in South America, Singapore, and the U.S. Her hobbies that don’t include travel are watching shows, reading, and photography. She also has a collection of over 16 old film cameras and a sizable collection of drugstore and high-end makeup. When it comes to food, she enjoys eating pizza at Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza. She also attends yoga workshops, which cost P27,000 for 5 days.


Basic Necessities

According to her, most of her grocery expenses go to toiletries.


“I usually eat out din kasi so groceries would be more household cleaning materials and toiletries. Some of my kikay stuff are pretty pricey but they last for a couple of months at the very least.”


When she eats out, her usual bill costs around P500 but on special occasions, she puts out P1,500. Depending on where she eats for dinner, she shells out P200 for fast food but up to P800 if she feels like eating out in BGC.


Diary for a Day

For a normal workday, I’d have breakfast at home then head into the office at around 10am. I usually eat in the pantry so that’ll cost around Php 100. If I’m craving junkfood in the afternoon, I’ll buy cheesy puffs from my officemate for Php 100, then share with my team.”


Living in BGC, her weekend meals usually consist of either cheaper fast food or take-out from nearby restos which can usually cost up to P300. Either way, the convenience of buying prepared meals during the weekend for herself is worth the price.


This Filipina’s lifestyle may or may not reflect your own but this can be an opportunity to give you a peek inside the lives of different Pinay professionals that you can hopefully learn from and identify with.

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