How To Be An Instagram Boyfriend

By  - 8 years ago

Behind every girlfriend’s well-curated IG feed is, most of the time, a supportive Instagram Boyfriend.

But if you’ve been hearing complaints from your girl about your photo-taking skills (or your lack thereof), fret not. We’ve made a quick guide on how to be a good Instagram Boyfriend—so gentlemen, take note.

4. Burst Mode Is Your Friend

To be a good Instagram Boyfriend, one shot is not enough. Provide her with options by taking multiple shots. Burst mode is your best friend.

3. Hands Off The Food

Hands. Off. The food. A good Instagram Boyfriend is patient. Once you dig in, its essence will never be the same, making it not Instagram- worthy. Good things come to those who wait— like a happy girlfriend.

2. Candid You Get that?

Document all of her winning moments. Take candid photos– wide shots, medium shots, close-ups, and even extreme close-ups. She deserves only the best.

1. Click Hit and Run

Lastly, being a good Instagram boyfriend is not just about getting the perfect shot— it is also about staying alive. Be aware of your surroundings, because you’re no good when you’re dead.

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