Get IG-Worthy Snaps Anytime, Anywhere with These Tricks

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You don’t always have to be in an especially pretty place just to be able to take photos that are good enough to grace your impeccable IG feed. It’s all a matter of perspective, really. Here are a few pointers that will help you see the subtle allure of your surroundings… wherever you may be.


Find your light

Carbs for life❤️ — Earrings @februarylifestyle

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For day shots, natural light is always best. You can get clearer photos with a soft warm glow even without a professional light setup. It’s perfect for conveying the bright and happy feels of the weekend.


For night shots, neon is in! Just casually lean against a cool neon sign and you really can’t go wrong.


Follow the lines

Benjamin and hearts make a good combination.?❤️ (Trousers from @wildfoxcouture)

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…or go against them. Leading lines are everywhere. They help train your eyes where to look in a photo, and if you learn to spot them and use them to your advantage, your feed will definitely stand out against the rest.


Prop it up!

Less Tuesday, more coffee ✨| ?: @gedrobles

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We don’t just mean the stuff you include in the photos. Experiment with taking photos through windows or sunnies to give your pics a cool insta-filter.


This photo was taken during the DAY???? SHOOKT ?

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An old CD, for one, will help you achieve that reflective sliver effect that Instagram sadly only offers on their story feature.


Play with colors


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But were not just talking about loud, bright ones. Don’t be afraid of B/W or the grayscale effect as well. To help make it fit your feed aesthetic, try adding a tinge of pink or hues of blue before posting.


Texturize your snap

Prints and patterns make for an effortlessly pretty backdrop for your next profile photo.


"I wanna be free to know the things I do are right" ? Happy Easter?

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But interesting textures also work. Place things that range from smooth to rough in one photo for a low-key dynamically appealing over-all visual.


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