How to Be a Super Saver in 2018

By  - 6 years ago

January is the worst month. You’re 5 lbs. heavier, back to work, but most of all, you’re broke from Christmas. Want to save like a pro? Here’s how to start 2018 on the right financial foot.



Use apps









Budgeting apps enable you to enter and check information on the fly from your computer or mobile device. They also show you graphs and charts that indicate just where your money goes so you get a clear picture of which areas you need to save in more.



Brew your own coffee











Spending P130 every Monday to Friday on your grande iced mocha really adds up. If you’re not a fan of the instant variety, invest in some home brewing gear so you get that coffee shop taste without dishing out the cash.



Be the hostess with the mostest







Instead of hitting up the bars every weekend, why not enjoy the company of your friends in the comfort of your own home? Buying your alcohol by the bottle will save you a lot. You can also save on the commute and by purchasing cheap snacks. Plus, it’s a more relaxed and intimate setting where you can actually hear each other. Bonus: if you’ve had a bit too much, all you need to do is walk to your room and face plant on your bed.



Frequent coupon sites







Having trouble deciding where to go, how to work out, and how to relax? Let coupon sites make your decisions for you. This requires some planning ahead and frequent checking so log on, stat!



Eat smart

Did you know you can save on food and still fully enjoy what you eat? There are so many dining options that are both cost effective and delicious that you never need to worry about having a bad meal again. You can also look out for can’t-miss promos from your favorite restaurants, like the KFC Super Savers meals. Choose from Original Recipe Nuggets, Chicken Hotdog, or Creamy Pasta for meals that start at only P50! Walang gipit sa sulit with these bargains.
















Stick to grocery lists






Carefully plan your shopping list and follow it without exceptions. Also remember to never go grocery shopping hungry!



Use cash











Take out a weekly or monthly sum from your account and use real cash from a real wallet to pay for daily expenses. When you run out of bills, you run out of money to spend.



Exercise outdoors or use your own body weight






There are so many different workouts you can do without paying for an expensive gym membership. Running, skipping rope, yoga via YouTube, and using your own body weight are just some of your many options. Check our Facebook every Monday for effective workouts you can do at home, without equipment.



Research before you buy









Do extensive research before all purchases, especially impulse purchases. Find the best prices online or off. Investigate not only price, but durability and quality.



Budget for fun









Saving shouldn’t always be painful. Make sure you leave room in your budget to enjoy yourself every now and again. Wouldn’t you want to live a life that’s rewarding both financially and emotionally?




There you have it! You are ready to be a super saver. Take the tips listed above as your starting point for achieving a happier, more secure, and more rewarding financial life. See you in 2019!