6 Things You Should Know About a Sisig Burrito

By  - 7 years ago


Burrito, wrap, what’s the difference anyway? Prepare to be educated. We’re here to tell you all about burritos, especially of the sisig variety.


6. A burrito is a tortilla wrapped around a filling.
The filling typically consists of rice and seasoned meat. But wait, isn’t that a wrap too? Well…



5. A wrap is a snack. A burrito is a commitment.

A burrito counts as an entire meal whilst wraps are more of a quick pick-me-up. Size matters in this case.



4.Burrito means little donkey in Spanish

The theory is that they used to be sold out of donkey carts in Mexico. Just in case you were wondering.


Now that that’s sorted, you’re probably wondering what a sisig burrito is.


3. A sisig burrito is filled with delicious chicken sisig

As you may know, sisig is a sizzling pork dish made from parts of the pig’s head and liver. This version, however, is made of chicken.

That’s right, chicken. Delicious chicken sisig fills up this Mexi-Pinoy double threat and makes it slightly healthier than the pork variety.



2. It contains a medley of textures and flavors

It’s crispy and crunchy meets soft and pillowy. Yum!

Plus, there’s a secret spicy kick coming from the sauce. Get ready for a heat level that’s just right.

It may be a quick meal (you can easily eat this comfort food on the go), but the sisig burrito doesn’t sacrifice taste.


 1. The Sisig Burrito is everything you love in the Sisig Rice Bowl, now in a wrap


KFC’s signature shots, sisig rice, sisig sauce, crispy chicken skin, and creamy mayonnaise in a tortilla bread. Enjoy it on its own for P95 or with regular fries and a drink at P140!


Try one at a KFC near you today or visit www.kfc.com.ph