Emma Stone Was Basically Us in Her Movies

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If there’s one thing that we admire about Emma Stone, it’s how relatable she is on- and off-cam. She’s as goofy, crazy, and carefree in real life as the characters she’s portrayed in film. Below are eight Emma Stone movie moments which made us nod and say, “same”.


8. She also can’t believe her eyes when faced with the masterpiece that is Ryan Gosling.


7. We all share the same joy when the waiter finally brings our order to the table.


6. When your friends are waiting for you but you’re still busy performing at your solo concert.


5. She knows how to deal with that extremely chatty person in our life who just doesn’t know when to zip it.


4. Getting excited for a girls’ night out like


3. When Facebook Memories brings up your old photos


2. What leaving the office before a long weekend really looks like



1. What happens when we see doggos on our feed

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