Don’t Miss These Must-Try Desserts in Chinatown

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Without a doubt, Binondo is a food haven—and not just for savoury meals! The place is packed with plenty of dessert spots to satisfy whatever sweet craving you might get. Below is the list of treats that got us paying Chinatown another visit.


5. Lava Pao – Cafe Mezzanine/Eng Bee Tin

Move over, salted egg chips! Lava paos have taken the spotlight. These are just like your asado or bola-bola siapao but filled with salted egg custard instead. The best buns are from Café Mezzanine and Eng Bee Tin.


4. Hopia Ube – Eng Bee Tin

Eng Bee Tin has become a household name for their premium hopia—whatever variety it may be. Apart from the classic mongo flavor, loyal customers can also attest to how unforgettable Hopia Ube is.

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3. Any of their Mango desserts – Hao Kang Hong Kong Desserts

What could be better than eating our local sweet mangoes? Eating them as part of dessert, of course! Hao Kang Hong Kong Desserts makes the best shaved iced treats of these that we couldn’t pick just one.

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2. Green Tea and Plum Cake – Shin Tai Shang

People visit Shin Tai Shang for the variety of items you can find in this mini grocery, but the people come back for the freshly made mochi cakes, the Green Tea and Plum Cake in particular.

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1. Egg Tart – Lord Stow’s Bakery

You don’t have to travel to Macau or Portugal for egg tart. Lord Stow’s Bakery’s version of the custard treat can compete. You definitely cannot have just one piece.


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