The Best Darn Thing in Every Province

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Whether you’re travelling for business or for pleasure, it’s a must to allot time on your trip itinerary to experience some of the things that your destination is famous for. If not for you, then for the people waiting for you back home, because Filipino culture dictates: THOU SHALT NOT FORGET THE PASALUBONG.


No trip to these places is complete without trying the following!


BACOLOD: Calea Pastries and Coffee

Divine cakes that will make your mouth water? Check! Say adios to your diet, ladies.

Cake for breakfast. ? #lordhelpmywaistline

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Nothing compares to Vjandep’s original yema-filled pastel. The buns are oh so soft and fluffy, and that center is a life-changing explosion of sweet creamy goodness. Who can resist getting a box (or twenty) of these when they get the chance? We know we couldn’t.


BOHOL: Peanut Kisses

While they also have tarsiers and the Chocolate Hills to boast about, you can’t exactly take them back with you to Manila. This local sweet inspired by the shape of the classic American chocolate though is the perfect combination of portable and tasty to boot!

Kisses and hills #chocolatehills #peanutkisses #bohol

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BAGUIO: Barrel Man

This NSFW trinket is definitely iconic.

And apparently, there’s now even a Black Panther version of it?

All we can say is, Baguio did it first!


BATANGAS: Lomi/Kapeng Barako

Underneath all that topping is a clear, thick, egg drop soup paired with thick, slurp-worthy noodles. It’s a soulful meal that everyone deserves to taste at least once in their lives.

Another thing that Batangas is known for is their kapeng barako. This cup may not look like much, but the aroma and the kick even with your first sip is far from “nothing much.”

Batangas Love. ☕️♥️ #coffeelover #KapengBarako

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DAVAO: Durian

Besides being the endemic home (meaning it can only be found here) of our country’s pride the Haribon or Philippine Eagle, these prickly, stinky fruits are another product that Davao is known for. And when you get a taste of these, you just might forget your name. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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LAGUNA: Buko Pie

Everyone has their own take on this classic pastry, but nothing beats Laguna buko pie.

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CEBU: Ukelele/Guitars

Musicians know that Cebu’s craftsmanship of these string instruments are unparalleled and would even order them to be specially made and eventually shipped right to their doorsteps.



Did you even go to Tagaytay if you didn’t get a bowl of this heart-warming bone marrow broth that’s perfect for the chilly Tagaytay climate?


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ILOCOS: Empanada/Bagnet

Deep-fried stuffed puff pastry love! We can have Ilocos empanada for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This Ilocano delicacy is a cross between crispy pata and lechon kawali. You can actually buy these by the kilo and re-fry at home when you’re feeling like having a slice of meaty heaven for dinner or pulutan.

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It’s been said that Guimaras mangoes are served and loved at the White House and Buckingham Palace. If these heart-shaped fruits made of sweet sunshine are good enough for the royals and heads of state, then they’re definitely good enough for us.



These two just come hand in hand. Was there ever any doubt about this? We mean, the name says it all: Pampanga’s Best Tocino.

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