5 Ways to live Up to the Spirit of Giving

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Beyond the gift shopping and the Christmas reunions, the holiday season is the time to give back to the community that needs it. If you want to help out but don’t know where to start, let this list guide you to finding a charitable cause this season! From donating your old toys to feeding a few rescued dogs at the animal shelter, these simple actions truly live up to the spirit of giving.



Give away your childhood toys 

Still have the toys you once loved somewhere in your home? Make another child happy by sending them over to the Philippine Toy Library, a non-profit organization that turns idle spaces in barangays, schools, or parishes into playrooms for the less fortunate kids. Apart from toys, they accept book and chair donations as well! 


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Help a family experience a Noche Buena 

Project Pearls, a non-profit organization formed to help the children living in Helping Hand, Tondo, Manila, will be holding their annual feeding program on Christmas day. This impoverished community makes a living off of selling “pag pag” (a.k.a recycled meals). Leftover food from the landfill like chickens from your go-to fast food chains are cleaned and re-cooked, and it will then be served as a meal to their neighbors (or even to themselves). 


By donating P1,000, you can help “ensure that their holiday meals are not from garbage or from cans”, states the Project Pearl. Holiday food packs, along with Christmas gifts, will be given to at least 1,500 families. 


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Go grocery shopping for an abandoned elderly

Instead of thinking about how they are doing, think instead of what you can do for them.#23YearsofMercy #BeTheLight

Posted by Anawim Lay Missions Foundation, Inc. on Friday, 30 November 2018

On your next visit to the grocery, you might want to add a few special things to your cart! Anawim Lay Missions Foundation Inc. is a charity organization that provides a home for the poor and abandoned elderly—and they need your help to sustain this mission. You can choose to volunteer your time or you can also send out a special gift, containing the elderly’s needs, including food, personal hygiene products, cleaning materials, and medicines. 


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Grant a dog’s Christmas wishlist 

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DECEMBER 3 WITH SKINNY.🎁 Today is little Skinny boy's turn to share his #PAWSsecretSanta wishlist and he definitely turned on the cuteness to the highest levels just to make sure he gets more gifts for himself and his other furry friends at the shelter! Just like Skinny, our newer rescues need medicated shampoo the most to restore their fur as well as a grooming kit so we can clean their ears and face more effectively. Skinny would like to stress that he would also love to receive any kind of toys he can play with so he won't get bored when he is alone! Here's how you can participate: 1. Every featured adoptable this month will share his/her Christmas wishlist which will benefit him/her as well as other furry friends in their shelter group. 2. Swipe left to browse their list and opt to donate some or all the gifts which will definitely make their Christmas happier this year! 3. Those who choose to donate a complete list will receive exclusive updates about their chosen beneficiary group this month as well as another fun bonus online! 4. Being a PAWS Secret Santa may not be the kind of exchange gift you would expect but we aim to make some lucky rescued animals feel just a little more loved this season by giving our followers the opportunity to make them happier in case you cannot adopt or foster. For those dropping off their donations directly at the shelter, please send us a message so we can arrange for a special meet and greet with your furry monito!🎁🐈🐕 For complete details on other PAWS programs and services, visit our website at www.paws.org.ph. Happy Weekend PAWS friends!❤️#iSupportPAWS #AdoptDontShop #PAWSphilippines

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If you’ve got a soft spot for dogs and cats, this one’s for you! PAWS Philippines, the home to animals rescued from either cruelty or neglect, is holding a holiday campaign called #PAWSSecretSanta. Over on their Instagram page, you’ll find a sheltered pet’s wishlist, including needs like canned dog foods, chew toys, or milks, which will aid in its rehabilitation. You can directly drop your present at the shelter, and even meet your newfound furry friend! 


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Donate a bag of old clothes 

With the new year coming, the urge to start fresh is stronger than ever—why not start with your wardrobe? H&M accepts donations of old clothes from any brand, which will either be reworn as it will be sold as secondhand items, reused as cleaning cloths, or recycled as textile fibers. Head over to your nearest H&M store so you can leave your bag of unused clothes, and you’ll be rewarded with a 15% discount voucher. 


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