Stages of Shopping During the Christmas Rush

By  - 6 years ago

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—until we experience the dreaded Christmas rush. Sometimes, the heavy traffic and the extra crowded malls tend to become intense during peak season and we all know how that feels.


The Christmas rush reminds us just how hard Santa Claus’ job would be and how much we love the people in our lives for all the trouble that we go through. Here are the stages you go through during the Christmas rush.


Going through the list of names you’re shopping gifts for


Suppressing your road rage when traffic is at a standstill


Looking for a parking spot forever


Trying to stay alive through hordes of people


Getting bumped at as you make your way through the jam-packed mall


Fighting for that one last item left on the rack


Carrying 10 shopping bags in each arm


Queuing for a line (that’s probably as long as EDSA) at the cashier


Panicking because you realized you forgot one person on your list


Relieved to be home at last because you survived the Christmas rush


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