5 Reasons Why Shawa Wama Should Be Your Next Obsession

By  - 6 years ago

There are tons of Mediterranean eateries out there but not quite like this new grab-and-go shawarma place that recently opened in Powerplant Mall. It’s fun, it’s deliriously good and it’s affordable with satiating meals coming just under the price of P250.

Shawa Wama has its own take on flavors from Israel, Lebanon, and Turkey by assembling them together as take-home street food. They serve mostly over the counter and traded in the traditional shawarma wrap for pita pockets among other things. But there are more factors that make Shawa Wama stand out from other shawarma brands.


It’s not just pita and beef

Pita Falafel

Their menu is diverse with flavorful options. You can pick whether you like chicken, beef or lamb and if you want them in stuffed in pita, over rice, or with hummus. It doesn’t stop there – take your meals with a side of cabbage slaw or slathered with 5 different sauces: cheese, mild green chili, hot red bird’s eye, white garlic, and lemon garlic.


Veggie lovers get to enjoy too

Fried cauliflower over hummus

Wama Veggie Special

Health nuts and the forever-on-a-diet foodies don’t have to worry about feeling guilty after devouring a big fat serving. Shawa Wama has something for the veggie lovers such as their red beet falafels, fried cauliflowers and whole wheat pita bread. These can be paired with pita, hummus or rice and smothered with your sauce of choice.


Perfect for those on the go

Chicken Pita

You can bring it to the movies, to your 12pm meeting, or wherever you are rushing to. A busy bee like you deserves a filling meal while you’re stuck in traffic heading to your next appointment. For those of us who want our shawarma and want it now, Shawa Wama is at your service.


Their packaging is 90% plastic-free

Wama Beef Special

Their branding may be hot pink but they’re actively going green. According to their founders, as soon as their business flourishes and expands, they will go 100% plastic-free. Honestly, what’s not to love about that?


They’ll deliver to your doorstep!

Red Beet Falafel over rice

This is super good news for us. Shawa Wama has partnered with FoodPanda so that means we can have our Mediterranean fix without driving to Rockwell. Another good piece of news is they’re planning on opening more branches so stay tuned for that, shawarma lovers.

Is your mouth watering right now? Head to Shawa Wama at P1 Level, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City.


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